How accurate is the Alco-Check?

Alco-Check machines use fuel cell technology, the same technology found in police grade breathalyzers. Alco-Check machines have the CE-mark of approval and complies with the european health & safety legislation.



Is there any liability in having an Alco-Check at my business?


No, the results of each test are not recorded or printed in any way. The breath test is not regulated by a law officer and therefore not useable as evidence in court. There is a disclaimer on all Alco-Check which relieves liability.




Is the machine resistant to bumps, cigarette burns ect.?


Yes, there is a vandal proof layer covering the machine




How much power does the machine use?

Only 24kw/month running 24 hours/day (R12.48)




Is the machine easy to use?


Yes, the instructions are displayed on the screen in 2 simple steps.




What do I have to do?


Absolutely nothing! The machine runs and maintains itself.





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